Sunday, January 13, 2008

Racy Divorce Lawyer Corri Fetman Takes it Up a Notch...And Takes it Off!

You may think personal injury lawyers have the most tasteless lawyer ads. But one divorce law firm out of Chicago, may have hit a new low in our profession last spring, with billboards like the one you see here. And now, one of the attorneys behind that ad campaign, Attorney Corri Fetman, has admitted she was actually the woman who is featured in this billboard and in the other controversial ads her firm has run.

Corri Feltman is clearly taking it up a notch.

Feltman has divulged this new information about herself in the upcoming February edition of Playboy, in which magazine she has apparently also shared quite a bit more of herself, as reported by Carolyn Elefant in Legal Blog Watch:

"Remember the racy billboard ads posted by Chicago law firm Fetman, Garland & Associates that raised so much controversy last spring? The ads featured two photographs, centered on the chest of a scantily clad man and woman with the slug line, 'Life's Short. Get A Divorce.'

Now, one of the firm's principals, Corri Fetman has revealed something else about her firm's revealing ads. In this press release issued today, we learn that 'the sexy female in the ads is none other than Corri herself.' Fetman first shared 'the naked truth' about the ads in the February 2008 issue of Playboy, which includes another law firm ad, a 'provocative nude pictorial of Corri' and a new online column by Fetman, entitled Lawyer of Love.

Like Larry Bodine, I too agreed that Fetman's billboard ad was an effective form of advertising, because it made a point clearly, provoked an emotional response and generated buzz. But the nude spread in Playboy goes too far. As a pure marketing ploy, I'm hard pressed to figure out what kind of clients Fetman is trying to target by posing nude in Playboy...."

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Anonymous said...

This is a shame to the legal profession and society's acceptance of this says a lot about where we are headed as a nation.