Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sex Toys Now Legal in Texas

I like to joke that our nation owes a huge debt of gratitude to the legislature of Georgia for aiding in the development and refinement of civil liberties and constitutional law. More recently, however, we have the Texas legislature to thank.

Less than five years after the US Supreme Court struck down the Texas sodomy law, in Lawrence v. Texas, on 14th amendment substantive due process grounds, the Fifth Circuit of Appeals (US Court of Appeals) has now struck down another similarly ridiculous Texas law, also on 14th amendment substantive due process grounds, and has thereby lowered the price of sex toys in the state of Texas. See Appellate Law & Practice's post, Appellate Law & Practice: Price of Dildos Lowered in Texas and the Feministing post "Obscene devices" now legal in Texas!.

And if you want more background on the fascinating recent history of sex legislation in Texas, and lots of laughs, spend some time with Molly Ivins:

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