Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bush, McCain, Big Oil, Tort Reform, and The Supreme Court

If you're interested in some real journalism, and would like to read a really great article that manages to deal with Exxon, Bush, McCain, the US Supreme Court, taxes, tort reform, and many other things we should all be concerned with, you have to read the latest article from probably our nation's best reporter, Greg Palast:

Exxon suxx. McCain duxx.

No, this is not the common kind of "journalism" that pretends not to have a point of view. This is real investigative journalism with an attitude. But it is journalism that seeks to tell not just the truth, but the whole truth and nothing but. And so it pulls no punches. Among other things, it will explain some of the ways in which McCain has increasingly caved in, and sucked up, to the most powerful special interests as he tries to make his way to the White House.

If you want the real Straight Talk Express, you need Greg Palast, not John McCain.

And by the way, for some more conventional news accounts today on related stories, see Supreme Court Could Limit Damages in Exxon Valdez Case - by Tony Mauro, The Legal Times, regarding the Exxon Valdez damages case argued in the US Supreme Court the other day, and James Baker Backs McCain - Washington Post Blog for the news that James Baker III, who has worn quite a number of hats, including as lawyer for Exxon Mobil, lawyer for Saudi interests, and of course, big foreign policy guy in Republican White Houses, has joined Papa Bush in throwing his support behind McCain. Wow, this latest "news" about Baker and McCain is just about as shocking as the news Britney has a new lawyer again.

Greg Palast is author of the New York Times bestsellers Armed Madhouse and The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Subscribe to his investigative reports at

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