Thursday, February 7, 2008

Obama: Help Him Win!

From the Obama website: Obama Wins Super Tuesday: Wins Most States, Wins Most Delegates:

"Campaign Manager David Plouffe...
By winning a majority of delegates and a majority of the states, Barack Obama won an important Super Tuesday victory over Senator Clinton in the closest thing we have to a national primary. From Colorado and Utah in the west to Georgia and Alabama in the south to Senator Clinton’s backyard in Connecticut, Obama showed that he can win the support of Americans of every race, gender, and political party in every region of the country. That’s why he’s on track to win Democratic nomination, and that’s why he’s the best candidate to defeat John McCain in November."


It may be too late to vote for him (and it is if you're in Massachusetts) but it's not too late to contribute to his campaign. Go to

Obama's the best candidate still in the race. Although he and Clinton are now positioning themselves similarly on the issues in their race for the White House, Obama is the only remaining candidate who has neither said nor done the wrong thing on Iraq. He had no part in the hideous mistake that got us into Iraq.

Furthermore, he's right on more of the issues than any other remaining candidate, and he probably has a better chance than Clinton at winning the race against the horrible war-mongering frontrunner in the Republican race, who is no more a moderate Republican in reality than Romney was a conservative Republican (until he started running for President while still Governor of Massachusetts). A recent Time Poll shows Obama has a better chance against McCain than Clinton: TIME Poll: Clinton More Beatable than Obama.

Out with the Republicans. They are phony, have no credibility, and are destroying our country. We need the kinder, gentler Establishment Party (the Democrats). These years of Republican neocon, big oil, and general corporate rightwing madness must come to a final end.

We must support Democrats, even though they have had no courage and have regularly sold us out to big business interests, like the Republicans. However, the Democrats will govern far better than the Republicans. If not sure about this, just compare the Clinton presidency with these crazy years under the current Bush. I will certainly vote for Hillary Clinton in November, if she's our nominee, but I'd rather be able to vote for Obama.

OBAMA. Send him a small or large contribution now.

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