Sunday, November 11, 2007

Heather Mills and Her Lawyer Call it Splits

I thought Heather Mills had finally learned her lesson and would now shut up, but wondered, in my post a week ago, if she was she too late. Heather Mills Finally Learns To Shut Up, But Was She Too Late? As it turns out, Heather Mills has still not learned her lesson, still will not shut up, and yes, she was too late - at least if she wanted to keep her current counsel. She went on TV again this week and defended her TV outburst of the week before, which she claimed had been "cathartic." Heather Mills Calls Her TV Outburst 'Cathartic' - Scandals & Feuds, Heather Mills, Paul McCartney : ("Heather Mills Calls Her TV Outburst 'Cathartic'" THURSDAY NOVEMBER 08, 2007 10:00 AM EST,, By Monique Jessen.)

Finally on Friday it was reported that her divorce lawyer from Mishcon de Reya Solicitors has called it splits with her, and that Mills has also lost her "media spokesman." Mills McCartney splits with lawyer - ("Mills McCartney splits with lawyer/Story Highlights: Heather Mills McCartney parts company with law firm Mishcon de Reya /Mishcon de Reya had represented her in her divorce from Paul McCartney/ Mills McCartney has also split with her media spokesman").

Obviously Heather Mills doesn't need a spokesman. She needs a muzzle. Let's see who will be next in line to handle the damage control.

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