Friday, November 2, 2007

How Much Child Support Do You Pay if You Earn A Million A Month? Ask Britney Spears and Willie Gary.

Sometimes child support can be expensive. Take two recent cases in the news, one involving wealthy Florida lawyer Willie Gary, who pays $28,000 per month for two children in the care of his ex in Georgia, based on income of over a million dollars a month, and the other involving an alleged singer, Britney Spears, who is paying one Kevin Federline $15,000 a month in child support, plus spousal support of $20K, on current income (as most recently reported by her) of about $737K per month.

The train wreck known as Britney recently lost temporary physical custody of her two kids to Kevin Federline, with whom she shared physical custody until her latest blunder. Apparently her spousal support obligation to Kevin Federline will end very soon, but not the child support obligation. In fact, if Kevin Federline ends up holding onto sole physical custody on a more permanent basis, that child support number could go up.

Meanwhile, trial lawyer Willie Gary apparently just got the bad news that his high child support order of $28,000 will continue, after an appeals court shot down a Georgia judge's recent reduction of his support from $28,000 to a mere $5000 per month. Sorry, Willie, but the $28K per month still stands, at least until you can argue your case again on remand.

LINK TO ARTICLE ABOUT WILLIE GARY on, from reporter Alyson M. Palmer, in the Fulton County Daily Report (Georgia), October 31, 2007: Lawyer Still on the Hook for $28,000 per Month in Child Support

LINK TO ARTICLE ABOUT BRITNEY SPEARS on, from the Associated Press: Papers In Britney Spears' Custody Dispute Reveal Lavish Spending, No Investments

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