Saturday, November 3, 2007

Heather Mills Finally Learns To Shut Up, But Was She Too Late?

Often the very best advice a lawyer will ever give a client is as simple to understand as it is difficult to follow: Keep your mouth shut. Don't say anything to the press. Remain silent. For most divorcing individuals, and certainly most criminal defendants, the last thing they should do is talk to anyone except their lawyer, especially the press.

The problem is when your strategy actually requires you to talk, to go to the press, as it sometimes does in a "Hollywood Divorce," by which term I mean a high-profile celebrity divorce, whether actually in Hollywood, or somewhere else, say in England, for example, where a certain super-famous billionaire musician happens to be getting divorced.

Sometimes you may say a little too much and shoot yourself in the foot. Saying the wrong thing can be costly.

Of course I am speaking of the case of Heather Mills and her husband Sir Paul McCartney, who is now thought to be in a better bargaining position in his divorce negotiations, both respect to financial settlement and maybe even custody issues, thanks to Heather Mill's recent TV rant in which she admitted she had been suicidal.

Heather now knows to shut up already, but is it too late? For the article today by Richard Simpson in the Daily Mail, check out this link: What have I done? Heather warned her TV rant could cost her dear in custody and cash fight

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