Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Parents Should Have An Information Binder

Massachusetts estate planning attorney Leanna Hamill has recently posted an entry on her blog discussing the advisability of all parents' keeping an information binder with important information in it, to be left with babysitters, family members, or anyone else entrusted with the care of their children while they are away from home. See Massachusetts Estate Planning and Elder Law: Information Binder for Parents and Children. This is a good idea, and the post has a great list of the things that should be included in the binder:

....Whether you're going out for the evening and leaving your children with a babysitter, or going away for a week and leaving your children with your parents, it's a good idea to keep a binder handy with all of the important information:

*Each child's full name, date of birth and social security number.
*Any allergies (these should be in large, red lettering) to foods, medicines, soaps, etc.
*Name and phone number of pediatricians and other doctors seen regularly.
*Any recent or chronic illnesses.
*Name, dosage and location of any medications for each child.
*Name of each child's teacher and grade at school.
*Name of people allowed to visit child, and name of anyone you don't want visiting your child.
*Photocopies of the front and back of any health insurance or dental insurance cards.
*Copy of emergency guardianship proxy document.
*Recent pictures of each child.

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Leanna Hamill said...


Parents sharing custody of their children could also use a binder like this to pass back and forth between visits, to keep each other up to date on issues with the children. Especially if a child is on medication or came down with an illness during a visit, accurate records are vital.


Steve said...

Thanks, Leanna. Many of the parents I know in my practice already do in fact pass back and forth information like this. I hadn't seen such a good, comprehensive list like yours before, and so I wanted to pass it on to my readers. Thanks!