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Bobby Brown - Do We Want Him Here or Not?

As just reported here in Boston - see Boston Globe: Bobby Brown agrees to community service and Boston Criminal Lawyer Blog: Singer Bobby Brown Forgoes Jail Time for Community Service Over Alleged Cocaine Possession - Bobby Brown will now do community service here after being arrested for alleged drug possession, per the terms of disposition in a Brockton District Court criminal matter.

Wait a minute. Didn't the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court, just a year and a half ago, issue an order for his arrest if he comes back into this state?

Yes, in fact it did. See the People magazine article, Bobby Brown Warned Over Child Support - ("A judge in Massachusetts added to Bobby Brown's troubles on Monday, ordering him arrested if he steps foot in the state, after Brown skipped a court hearing over delinquent child-support payments to Kim Ward, the mother of two of his children....")

Anyone who has followed the story of Bobby Brown will likely have the impression that, over the last several years, every time Bobby has set foot in this state he has been in one of the following places: 1) in Attleboro or somewhere nearby watching his teenage daughter at cheerleading events, 2) in family court in Canton facing the music for failure to keep up with the child support and other obligations to that very daughter and her brother (children he had before he hooked up with Whitney Houston), 3) in jail because of that failure, or 4) in transit between those other places, courtesy of law enforcement. (To complete the picture, I think Bobby Brown has also been stopped at least once by police for other minor vehicle infractions, and went to a hospital for a false heart attack alarm, but there are just way too many stories to cite them all here. If interested, just do a search for Bobby Brown at or

Really, Massachusetts needs to decide whether it wants Bobby Brown back here or not. Maybe the family court department should talk with the district court department and get on the same page here, or perhaps we should just have a referendum and let the voters decide whether we want him back here.

Anyway, this guy's problems up here seem to have escalated at the same time his relationship soured with his famous former wife Whitney Houston, with whom he had lived down in Georgia, and especially after she recently called it splits with him and got her divorce in California. In that divorce case, at least according to the press, Whitney pretty much took him to the cleaners. (On the Whitney Houston-Bobby Brown story, see Bobby Brown's Attempt to Overturn Divorce Denied - Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston :

For now at least, Bobby Brown must do community service here in Massachusetts. And get this: he will be mentoring youth as part of his community service, and that's something he apparently wants to do, according to his attorney.

I found that fact interesting, especially after reading Bobby Brown and Brainiac at 40 - The Boston Globe from his former classmate Joshua Glenn over at the Boston Globe (this piece is from October of last year). Joshua Glenn is just about the same age, and says he and Bobby Brown attended the same elementary school together in Boston. Although Glenn admits he didn't really know Brown, he does remember that Bobby Brown stole his calculator. Glenn also was kind enough to remind us of some of Brown's infamous rap lyrics:

Too hot to handle, too cold to hold
They're called the Ghostbusters and they're in control
Had 'em throwin' a party for a bunch of children
While all the while the slime was under the building
So they packed up their group, got a grip, came equipped
Grabbed their proton packs off their back and they split
Found about Vigo, the master of evil
Try to battle my boys? That's not legal!

And that brings me to this question:

What exactly will Bobby Brown be teaching our youth in Massachusetts, through this court-ordered community service?

I have some lessons that Bobby Brown can teach them. There are just a few I can print here, and these ones are just specifically for those youth who hope to some day be a celebrity like Bobby Brown: 1) If you happen to become a celebrity when you "grow up" and if you happen to get way behind on your child support, then do not go to visit your daughter as she is cheerleading in public. 2) Do not steal calculators from classmates, because even if you don't end up in juvie, your classmates may grow up to be writers for your hometown newspaper.

From the Associated Press:

BROCKTON, Mass.—Singer Bobby Brown will not face criminal charges after police said they found a small amount of cocaine in his possession.

Brown's attorney said Tuesday a Brockton District Court clerk magistrate found no probable cause to issue a criminal complaint, but recommended that Brown volunteer to mentor young people, which Brown wanted to do anyway.

Brown agreed to a year's community service and his attorney said if no other issues arise over the next year, the matter will be struck from the docket.

The case began when police responding to a disturbance at a Brockton hotel on Dec. 1. They said they found the 39-year-old Brown sitting in an SUV in the parking lot, with cocaine in his possession.

The Boston native is the former husband of singer Whitney Houston and stars in the CMT Network show "Gone Country."

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