Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Joanna Grossman on What Britney Spears Can Teach Us About Family Law

I said in a recent post that we should not apply the legal lessons of the celebrities and the wealthy to our own cases, unless we are ourselves from that "strange world of the rich and famous, where fame sometimes hurts, but money always helps."

But there are of course some things we can indeed learn from these cases, and in fact that is part of my reason for writing about them.

When celebrities live large, their large mistakes can be especially illuminating. Family Law Professor Joanna Grossman explains, in her article posted today on Findlaw's Writ, what Britney Spears in particular can teach us about family law: FindLaw's Writ - By Joanna Grossman, January 8, 2008: "Britney Spears - Why She Lost Visitation Rights, And What Her Case Teaches Us About Family Law"

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