Thursday, January 3, 2008

Britney's Latest Attorney Wants Out

BRITNEY'S ATTORNEY: I QUIT (, January 02, 2008)

Heather Mills is not the only recent celebrity to have problems keeping her lawyer. Now Britney Spears' latest attorney wants out of Britney's custody dispute.

" is the first to reveal that Britney Spears' divorce attorney, Sorrell Trope, is seeking to drop his troubled client. On Jan. 2, Trope filed a motion in L.A. Superior Court to be relieved as Spears' counsel, saying he could no longer represent the singer's interests.

'There has been a breakdown in communications between Petitioner and Trope and Trope [law firm] making further representation of her interests impossible,' reads the document.

Trope has been representing Spears in her ongoing custody battle with Kevin Federline. A hearing on Trope's motion to be relieved as counsel is scheduled for Feb. 4, 2008."

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