Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christopher Hitchens, Rest in Peace

With the passing of Christopher Hitchens, we have lost a most brilliant, provocative writer and thinker. He was active and influential on both sides of the pond. I share my English brother John Bolch's admiration for the man and his writing. See John's post and the video contained therein: Family Lore: Christopher Hitchens, 1949 - 2011.


John Bolch said...

Hi Steven,

As I said to someone else, I can't recall previously feeling such a sense of loss over someone who I (unfortunately) never met. A cliché, but the world truly is a poorer place.



Unknown said...

Yes, he was one of those remarkable few, who when he would say or write something, I would find myself either agreeing with him immediately or coming around to his view, and either way, I would learn a great deal in the process. He was a brilliant man of reason, with a strong mind and heart. We should have more like him.