Friday, April 18, 2008

Divorce By YouTube

Wow! Recently we had a disgruntled husband in Vermont airing dirty divorce laundry on his blog (see my posts here and there). Now a disgruntled wife in New York has broadcast her grievances on YouTube (see below). This YouTube video has been widely viewed, and has been widely reported and blogged about already. See Family Lore and New York Divorce Report for some good posts on this.

This YouTube woman, named Tricia, reminds me of Heather Mills in many ways. Tricia is the much younger wife of a wealthy man in a bitter divorce battle, and she happens to be English; furthermore, she appears to be somewhat unhinged, and judging from this video, she would probably make a very bad witness in court, just like Heather Mills apparently did.

But one difference is Heather Mills started out with lawyers, then bumbled about in an apparent, misguided attempt to try her case in the media, and finally ended up handling her case herself, while still running to the media to whine. But this YouTube woman appears first to have started out by trying her case on YouTube, but then now apparently has the good sense to have hired high-profile New York divorce attorney, Raoul Felder, who represents her now but not until after she made this video.

Now that's a better ordered approach, I'd say. Maybe Heather should have gotten it all out of her system with her crazy antics in public, if she had to, and then hired a good army of lawyers in London, and not the other way around.

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